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 Kira Yoshida

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Vasto Lordes Arrancar

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PostSubject: Kira Yoshida   Thu Aug 20, 2009 12:34 am

Name: Kira Yoshida

Age: 203 but she look like 17

Gender: Female


Weakness: Her weakness is losing Kairi

Personality: Kira is a strong and kind at heart to her friends and she never let no one hurt her friends even putting her life on the line. she quite, clam, and don't talk much. She trains her friends to become strong like her. Kira protect from an enemies she loves to drink green tea. She never give up even if she badly beat up. when she battle in one on one she sometimes plays around or just to toy with 4 fun. She never let her friends die in battle. Her best friend is Kairi and she will let no one hurt her or give her pain.

Accessories: Wearing a red scarf

Character Description: Kira is 5' 2 feet tall, she goes to the park in the world of the living to watch the sunset when there nothing to do, her hair color is brown, and her eyes color is green as for her skin is tan she doesn't half marks on her skin. her weight is 110 she one of the Arrancars her hole is in the chest but she covers it with her scarf, she wear the opposite color that the Arrancars wear but its not white its all black, she can go to the soul society by acting like a captain

Likes: Kira likes sweet, green tea, funny people, sunsets and quite places in the world of the living

hates: She hate annoying people, doesn't like to be name that gose with small, loud places, non dark color colthes

This is Kira

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PostSubject: Re: Kira Yoshida   Thu Aug 20, 2009 12:14 pm

Well your character application seems to be a slight derivitive, but not fully the actual template. And I regret to inform you that now becoming an arrancar takes a considerable amount of RP first. You must start out as a hollow and branch your way up to arrancar (Sadly I believe the average strength arrancar takes like 400 some RP points to become.).

So yea basically please use the Hollow template and become a hollow first off. You can be a more humanoid looking hollow but for now you are a hollow all the same. Also if you take the mlore humanoid looking hollow may I suggest when you get there to get enough points to skip the gillian rank? Since as we all probably know at that point they all look the same =p

Sorry for the inconvenience but I am sure you can make it ether way.

So yea basically use the Hollow Template + You will have to change the arrancar thing and check out the rank center to see how to properly become an arrancar evolved from a hollow.

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Kira Yoshida
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