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 Kira Yoshida (Wolf form)

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PostSubject: Kira Yoshida (Wolf form)   Mon Aug 24, 2009 9:01 pm

Name: Kira Yoshida

Age: 203 but she look like 17

Gender: Female


Weakness: Her weakness is staying in one place to long

Wolf Howl- This technique send a big massive sound wave that repulses and stuns the enemy
Steel Wolf Hair- This technique makes Kira long black hair as hard as steel. It can be used to shield Kira
Hunting Rush- This technique activates every time Kira smells blood or spiritual pressure


Personality: Kira is always clam and a care free (wolf form)

Past=Kira is a clam hollow wolf. When Kira went to the world of the living she met a little girl, the little girl can see Kira because she was already dead. The little girl name was Rose. She was a sweet gently girl. Rose wasn't afraid of Kira because she though Kira is a dog. In Three days Rose gave Kira a red scarf to remember by. On the fifth day Kira went to look for Rose then she went on the bridge and she saw Rose. Then Rose told Kira that she want to the spirit world then somebody came and took Rose to the spirit world. But she think of Rose when sleeping or walking.

After= After Rose went to the spirit world Kira walked around in town then went back to the desert with the red scarf around her neck. She never takes off the scarf. When Kira walks in the desert of Hueco Mundo then a lot of hollow comes out because the scent of a human soul on the scarf every hollow start to attack Kira then Kira fights back using all her power. Kira didn't get tired of fighting different hollows everyday.

Present= Kira fight everyday with out stopping in tell the hollows will leave her alone for good. She believe she the strongest wolf hollow in the desert of Hueco Mundo
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PostSubject: Re: Kira Yoshida (Wolf form)   Mon Aug 24, 2009 9:04 pm

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Kira Yoshida (Wolf form)
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