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 Mizu Burke

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PostSubject: Mizu Burke   Mon Jul 19, 2010 3:27 pm

Name: Mizu Burke
Age: 119 (looks 21)
Race: Shinigami
Sex: Male

A handsome man standing at about 5'11" 225 pounds of muscle with light brown eyes, caramel colored skin and black hair in a low fade. Mizu has on his face a faint grin almost half the time he's around Hollows and a full grin when he's around friends and companions. His outfit consist of the normal Shinigami outfit, except he wears a black version of the the inner shirt and bandages wrap around his arms. On his back is a huge Yakuza style Wolf tattoo of his swords Shikai spirit.

Personality: Mizu has a warming, calm personality but at the same time intense and serious. Most of the time he's playful with friends usually known as a jokester, yet he's so serious and deadly in battle most people on his squad or Shinigami that see him fighting have a fear to make him mad even though he rarely gets mad around friends. He's also seen as a ladies man, always seen with a girl or on a date. He's a giant flirt without even knowing so as well making the fearful Shinigami's hate him more!

Certain types of women distract him easily, milk, disgusting bathrooms. Okay I'll be serious! Lakes and large bodies of water distract him and can even cripple him in battle (which is ironic because his weapon his water based). Also long battles aren't too good for him because he gets tired after using large masses of Spiritual Energy... plus he's a but asthmatic and wheezes a lot when fighting for a while. Betrayal also is something he's not to fond of, he's freeze up if betrayed in battle, which isn't too good.

History: Mizu was born into a middle class family... thats all that you'll learn about him when he was alive. He died while trying to save a friend drowning in a frozen lake and worked his way up the soul society. He's known for many enemies early in the Academy because he was one of the first to know his Swords name and spirit making him ahead of the class, but to fit in he began to evade the spotlight as a star student and blended in. Many began to think he was gay because he had no guy friends, just plenty of lady friends, but this was proven wrong when he got engaged... but of course this happiness fell short as well when his fiance lost her life in battle. The same battle that he gained many scars all up his arms. From then he began to shed his normal image and fought serious in every battle, always with a grin like he enjoyed harming the Hollows.
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PostSubject: Re: Mizu Burke   Tue Jul 20, 2010 1:16 am


welcome to the bleach forum
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Mizu Burke
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