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 [Bount doll] The Dingo's Beast

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PostSubject: [Bount doll] The Dingo's Beast   Sat Apr 24, 2010 5:01 am

hey there, sorry for nothing being here, but i finished my doll and tried to submit it....and my computer cut all my work is gone. it's late right now, so i'll finish my doll stuff tomorrow, cause I'm too tired and angry right now.

Doll Name: Hundetier (Dog Beast)

Doll Element: metal and sound/vibration

Doll Relation: 7 (in creases to 9 when i become a Superior Bount)

Unawakened doll description: A small metal dog-like charm attached to a chain bracelet on Diego's right hand.

Unawakened doll powers: Diego can “Borrow” some of his doll's power while it is not awakened, it is unknown how this is possible (will post these in the kidoh section if that is okay.)

Awoken doll appearance: a large metal skeletal beast. It resembles a large bipedal dog, like a werewolf or such. It has a jackal's head and no visible eyes. It is about 8 feet tall. When it opens it's maw a single metal eyeball can be seen. It has a thin blade-like tail. In it's forearms are small disks, seemingly floating betwixt the Radius and Ulna bones. And it has a small hole, about an inch in diameter, located in it's palms.

Awoken doll powers: the doll has super strength, able to stop a freight train at full power. If he so chooses, rather than summoning the whole thing, Diego is able to just summon parts of his doll, and control them as though they were a part of himself. The doll can morph it's clawed fingers into large scythe like blades, expand the disks in it's forearms into shields(can also throw the disks from it's arms as an attack), and shoot spikes from the holes in it's palms. It can shoot a cannon-like sonic wave from it's mouth, the force of such is able to send cars flying into the air. It can vibrate it's claws to make it easier to cut through things.
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[Bount doll] The Dingo's Beast
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