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PostSubject: My Profile   Sat Apr 03, 2010 10:35 pm

NAME: Forest, Hunter (last, first)

AGE: 16


RACE: Shinigami

WEAKNESS: Mentally unable to willingly cause fatal harm to living beings
except under dire circumstances, not very strong.

RESISTANCE: Very smart and able to withstand much pressure either physical or mental his strong mental stance allows intense concentration and swift decisive movements as well as decisions

POWERS: advanced healing capabilities is the gift hunter was born with. this is a natural tendancy to heal faster and comes with the ability to control what bodily energy is used for, for example hunter could concentrate on attack power only abandoning speed and recuperation but gaining incredible strength. can interact with dragons.

PERSONALITY: Hunter has a very kind personality he is extremely loyal and will always do everything to the best of his ability, however if he gets angry he tends to be more..... spontanious.

APPEARENCE: Hunter is average sized at 6ft even. he has navy blue hair and kind blue eyes his skin is mildly tanned and seems to be coqasian. he has red dragon tattoos all over his body and always has his pet dragon around his neck ready to aid him in a fight.

HISTORY: Hunter Forest would seem to have a normal life he was born in rukongai where a patrolling shinigami noticed his strangely powerful reiatsu and naturally he was sent to the shinigami academy but to fully understand even this simple statement you must go back about 11 years.

[center]Hunter was five when his story truly began or rather he thought he was five he looked very much like the other 5 year olds so he decided that he was 5. he never had a mother or a father well thats not true. he did once however his father was killed by a lone hollow and his mother died giving birth to him. ever since he was 3 he had survived on his own stealing food and water and always marveling at the seemingly distant seireti. he never had any friends everyone seemed to stay away from him but he didnt mind he liked the solitude. when he was 7 he noticed that he could use his energy to defend himself and when he was mugged and his food taken he always healed very quickly. he figured it was normal after all his body had to respond to his situation in some way. by the time he was 10 however his powers had grown, he could now use his energy to make him stronger he won all his fights now and eventually no one bothered with him anymore. it was on his 13th birthday ( he had simply chosen it to be that day) that something happened. He met a girl. she was like him alone in the world and feared, they quickly became friends and they never left each other. however 2 months after they met something happened. when the two of them were sparring (it was both of their goals to become shinigami) their powers collided in a way that they never had before. both of their powers were so even they cancelled each other out however when this happened a lone piece of reiatsu shot off and hit a nearby shinigami. the shinigami instantly took it as an attack they were going to slaughter them both and hunter knew it. it was then he realized he didnt know the girls name he asked her diligently but she wouldnt say all she would say is "we should run now!!" so they did but they werent fast enough the shinigami caught up and attacked just when all semmed lost the girl stepped up and said "dont kill him im the one who attacked youre comrade!!!" hearing this the shinigami instantly attacked her and in her dying breath she told hunter her name she said "my name is niiro.......niiro senkou.......the red flash" and with that she died.......... how does this relate to the beginning? you may ask well ill tell you....the very shinigami that killed niiro was the one who found hunter and asked him to join the shinigami on that day hunter swore that he would become the greatest shinigami and one day........... avenge the love of his life................
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PostSubject: Re: My Profile   Mon Apr 05, 2010 8:04 pm

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