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 reinas blade

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reina yoruto

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PostSubject: reinas blade   Sat Mar 13, 2010 1:11 am

name: shifter

element: distortion time and space


normal form:

shikai form: the bases of the boots are bladed and the stiletto is sharp enough to cut through titanium if it were tin

free form: reina can alter the area around her to block attacks
flow: reina can re direct opponents attacks
razor kick: reina can fire a large number of blades from her feet

shikai summoning chant: swap and change

bankai form: the boots stay + wings grow and a pair of gloves are added


as before stronger and the time freeze is now 4 seconds

reina can now summon and banish shields on her arms and swords from her feet

steel wing blades: the wings them selves fire smaller blades and can regenerate the blades faster than thy are fired
slow motion: the opponent moves mch sower allowing the dodging of attacks more easily
instant rewind: the attack that just hit reina never occured (only used on killing blows )
free flowing: the attacks of poopnents can be re directed faster allowing more to be redirected in the same time frame

bankai name: shape the future shifter

bankai attire:

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PostSubject: Re: reinas blade   Sat Mar 13, 2010 2:04 pm

Sorry... no way I'm allowing a time-space Zanpakto.
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reinas blade
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