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 the final phase

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PostSubject: the final phase   Wed Mar 10, 2010 8:54 pm

lemmys plan was about to reach fruition as he watched ish and nero gear for a fight he slowly slid away and gained a advantage point this is where the unification will begin lemmy then revealed his bthers and sisters swords and placed them in the ground in a formation (p=plague D=death C=conquest W=war)

-------P--------------from this lemmy then stood in the center and placed the horseman emblem on the ground
-----/--\-------------doing so created a small rift in time wich was to only be used when the end of the world was
----/----\------------coming this portal was a way of preventing the apocalypse but lemmy had other ideas
---D----C------------lemmy then called forth a small statuette of the four horsemens original holders
----\----/------------he the broke each revealing a line of an incantation to use the portal to fuse the three worlds
-----\--/-------------but as he broke the fourth the line was blank this is fantastic im one line short
------W--------------with this lemmy decided to close the portal collecting up each item and began to think
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the final phase
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