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 lemmys third the double header

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true-paladin liam
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PostSubject: lemmys third the double header   Tue Jan 26, 2010 4:36 pm

name: enkatsu ( harmony )

Element: darkness/light


sealed state description:

higher light lower darkness both 5 foot long blades

shikai description:
darkness 7 ft long now

light 7ft long now

shikai summoning chant: juubun ( perfect )


total darkness: creates a clone of the opponent out of the dark

brilliant light: creates a clone of the user out of the light

summoned light : arrows of light fall from the sky

banished darkness: blades of darkness erupt from the ground

warring elements : a large shockwave of darkness and light shoots forward

shattered rainbow: beams of diffrent colours shoot out in a arch formation from the user

( only one of the clone attacks can be used at a time creating only 1 very strong clone)

bankai description
2ft wide 9ft long 3inches thick

then the clothes

overkill: the area turns monochrome and the sword glows with a yellow and purple aura all direct contact will cut anything in two

darkness mirror : the opponents attack is sent back at them

light mirror: the attack which just happened is then reset

true darkness: meteorites fall from the sky and impale the ground and crush anything in between

absolute light: the air turns thick and the blade becomes invisible except for a dark white trail it leaves

armageddon outta here: the sword sins extremely fast and this creates a tornado which becomes bigger and more damaging the more light or dark the area is ( after this bankai has to me deactivated)

bankai name: enkatsu kouki ate ( harmony's final end)

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PostSubject: Re: lemmys third the double header   Tue Jan 26, 2010 7:51 pm

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lemmys third the double header
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