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Lucario Kuchiki


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PostSubject: Reidoragon   Mon Jan 25, 2010 12:17 am

name: Reidoragon(Ghost Dragon)

Element: Illusion

sealed state description:

shikai description:
The release command is “Dream”((砕けろ Maboroshi) and is used to both activate and deactivate it.The name “Reidoragon” hints at it’s illusionary properties,the ghost dragon is known for capturing it’s victims in it’s stare and entrapping them in his world forever.(If anyone sees the zanpakuto after release,they will be caught in shikai)The chinese folklore is best saying that it’s not good to be crossed with the beast.Reidoragon has 2 abilities,one being offensive and the other defensive.Reidoragon’s Shikai ability is “World Reversal”( (完全催眠Sekenrimen).This ability brings the oppenent(s) into Reidoragon’s inner world,a world where there is no solid ground where it might be expected and mirror images of scenery is in vertical alignment with itself.Many crystal pillars and shards float around the area depicting the opponents zanpakuto world off the surface of the clear water.The imbalance of power coming from the opponents world merging with Reidoragon’s world causes almost all shikai abilities power to be halved by 50%.

2nd Shikai Ability:This ability is used as a defensive measure and mostly used by Lucario in tight situations.It’s activated by the command “Shatter(砕けろKudakero).”Lucario mirrors the area of where he’s standing from a 10 mile radius of himself and reverses it with parts of his inner world to minimize the damage of an enemy attack.THis can only be used once in battle though.

shikai summoning chant: Dream,Reidoragon & Shatter,Reidoragon

bankai description
Bankai causes Lucario to drag the opponent into his mind once more,this time instead of the opponent(s) world being reflected off the surface of Lucario’s world,the 2 worlds have completely merged with each other creating a completely different landscape.In bankai Lucario can draw out the opponent(s) zanpakuto spirit as well as his own causing the opponent(s) and zanpakuto spirits to be trapped within the confinds of his mind.If the opponent(s) zanpakuto spirit is killed within the bankai the opponent(s) will lose their Shikai & Bankai forever until their soul may allow them to forge a new one.Lucario and his zanpakuto spirit still possesses the same exact powers that Lucario himself possesses in Shikai.Unless the opponent(s) zanpakuto spirit has been killed,they can use their shikai and bankai abilities as normal without power reduction.Also in the inner worlds a dragon will occasionally be seen flying around as a mere aesthetic affect of bankai,it does no damage whatsoever.

bankai name: Gyaku Reidoragon(Inverted Ghost Dragon)

Shikai & Bankai Powers
Shikon Tatsu(Raging Light Fang)-A spell that makes a circle of energy, before firing blasts of green light from its center in a cage-like formation.

Kage Seiryoku(Shadow Force)-Shadow Force causes the user to "vanish instantly" and move along the air as a shadow and striking when necessary.

Sokouen(Blue Flame)-A blue ball of fire similar in manner to Hado 33.Sokatsui.

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PostSubject: Re: Reidoragon   Mon Jan 25, 2010 12:22 am

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