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 Lucario Kuchiki (not done

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Lucario Kuchiki


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PostSubject: Lucario Kuchiki (not done   Sun Jan 24, 2010 11:52 pm

Name: Lucario Kuchiki
Age: 221
Gender: Male
Race: Shinigami

Weaknesses and Resistances
Weaknesses-Deception & False Illusions
Strengths-None in particular


Lucario is very cold,quiet, callous, dispassionate figure, and is rather aloof, brooding, and indifferent, willing to harm both his comrades and enemies should they ever get in his way.Lucario refers to anyone he sees as boring as 'weak'.Despite this, he is not particularly violent, unlike most of the shinigami around him and will only fight when provoked.
Since his time of being with Urahara he has toned down quite a bit,now more open less cold and no longer harms his comrades,now he protects them.Many other things about Lucario have changed his personality overtime as well making him more clamer to be around.Occasionally when he's around Byakuya he reverts back to his normal old cold self.When Lucario is in his inner world with Reidoragon he is more at peace and is always talking to her about private matters in life typically causing Reidoragon to taunt him by saying smart remarks.Despite this Lucario has an extremely close bond with his Zanpakuto.

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Lucario’s Bio/History
Lucario was born into the Kuchiki house,one of the 4 Great Noble families.Lucario grew up in the Kuchiki mansion in the seretei of Soul Society.He would spend countless hours training,in preperation of becoming a captain like his grandfather Ginrei Kuchiki. Many people seemed to be on good terms with the Kuchiki family.Often times Byakuya would come and sometimes play tag with him,but,Byakuya would take the game to seriously because him and Lucario often would end up in ties turning into an all out fight afterwards,and that too would come to a tie.Lucario and Bykauya both grew up together and became captains together but not too long after Lucario for unknown reasons left Soul Society without a word at the same time as Urahara and Yorouichi and took refuge in Karakura town and lived a life of obscurity.The only person whom Lucario keeps in touch with is Byakuya and Rukia.Lucario,now,protects Karakura Town when needed to.Recently Lucario had a scuffle with Byakuya that ended disasterously,the 2 were this time fighting over who was the better shinigami,as usual Lucario was the one who provoked Byakuya into fighting.Another thing that was noted by Byakuya is that he doesn't where his formal Kuchiki accessories then causing Lucario to hint that they were wearing him down and that he didn't need them since he spent most of his time in the human world.

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PostSubject: Re: Lucario Kuchiki (not done   Sun Jan 24, 2010 11:59 pm

this has been approved zanpaukto now
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Lucario Kuchiki (not done
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