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 the sword of war himself

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true-paladin liam
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PostSubject: the sword of war himself   Sat Jan 23, 2010 10:39 pm

name: senka (war)


Element: fire

sealed state description:

shikai description:

flame blast: shoots a ball of fire straight

flame sword: creates blades out of fire wich can be held or thrown

white hot: creates a layer of extremely hot fire over the gauntlets

shikai summoning chant: shou bantan (destroy all)

bankai description
summons 4 axes all looking like this 2 are wielded telepathically and 1 in each hand but all 4 can be wielded telepathically

overkill: all 4 axes are place infront of him and spun creating a vortex of fire

hellfire: can create large slashes of fire directly infront of him and behind

blasting zone: all 4 axes are placed in the ground then annihilate command is said destroying everything in that zone but people can survive it just insanely hot

supernova final attack after which bankai must be deactivated : calls a solar flae to strike the area in front of him form 2 miles in every direction

bankai name: senka hateshiganai eikou ( wars eternal glory)

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PostSubject: Re: the sword of war himself   Sat Jan 23, 2010 11:41 pm

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the sword of war himself
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