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 Red Queen (Akai Kisaki)

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PostSubject: Red Queen (Akai Kisaki)   Sat Jan 23, 2010 9:54 pm

Name:Akai Kisaki (Red Queen)


Sealed state apperance: Your basic zanpaktou look with a red hilt

Shikai description: see picture below kinda difficult to describe

Shikai summoning chant: Ignite Akai Kisaki!

Bankai summoning chant: Awaken Inferno!

Banaki Description: Blade grows longer becomeing red hot with flames flying from the hilt down past the users hands. Engulfing the body in flames making the user almost un touchable to physical attacks.

Abilties gained from sword: Upon awakening the bankai an area of half a mile is engulfed in flames allowing the fire type blade to gain strength for a period of time

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Red Queen (Akai Kisaki)
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