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 tiros' zanpaukto konrinzai musubi sensou

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PostSubject: tiros' zanpaukto konrinzai musubi sensou   Fri Jan 15, 2010 3:52 pm

name: konrinzai musubi sensou ( never ending war )

Element: power/earth

manifestation: a tall man well built with a red cloak and a white suit

inner world: a large field which is constantly at night illuminated by small fires dotted around a large pile of random and broken weapons

sealed state description:

this is non released form but as you can see it is greatly different from the other zanpaukto as that it can only be held in one hand at a time

shikai description: not accessible as of yet

the double edged spear comes a part in the middle and turns into 2 smaller spears the lagrger double edged one is twice the power of the smaller separate ones but much slower

vortex - by spinning the full length spear tiros can create a vortex to draw his opponent in for closer combat but whist doing this he can neither attack or defend

blade quake - by plunging both the blades of the smaller spears into the ground it can send out a near limitless number of blades in a 10 meter radius and these blades can be of an indefinite size and

spinning top - tiros spins at a great speed while holding the spear at chest height

power gain - while the spear is whole tiros' power is increased by 4 fold but when in 2 parts power is only increased by 2 fold

enhancements: large gain in power and a slight increase speed

shikai summoning chant: gekido ( rage )

bankai name: konrinzai musubi sensou saishuu musubi tsukihi ( never endng war final ending days )

bankai description not ascertained yet

and as the forum community know the bankai users clothes change usually and here they are

the attacks of bankai are

triangle blade grave yard - by placing the 2 daggers in the ground behind the enemy and then syabing the sword itself into the ground in front of them a massive set of blades fills that zone

wars glory - when the main sword is in the ground and the 2 daggers are in hand they become a pair of swords

wrath of war - the blade of the sword can increase in size up to 4 times the length width and height and thickness up to 3 times

war is hell - the blade of the sword glows red and the cutting power causes the air its self to split and cut anything in the way

enhancements: massive power gain strength is easily 50times normal level

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PostSubject: Re: tiros' zanpaukto konrinzai musubi sensou   Mon Jan 18, 2010 1:01 am

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tiros' zanpaukto konrinzai musubi sensou
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