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 Kusari Zukaigotsu

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PostSubject: Kusari Zukaigotsu   Tue Dec 15, 2009 9:13 pm

(as to when my character gets a zanpakuto i dont know, so this app might be a little early. in any case, im not really sure on what else to do. i read the basic rules but i see nothing stoping this app so i figured id post it, if theres any problem just tell me ^_^ )

name: Kusari Zukaigotsu (Chained Skeleton)

Element: Metal

sealed state description: More or less the normal size and shape of a zanpakuto. the scabbored is is lined with chains, with a spike at the bottom of the scabbored

shikai description:
(not this high of a rank yet, but might as well post it, i wont rp with it until i reach said rank)
The chain linning the scabbored is connected to the bottom of the hilt of the sword, the spike at the other end of the chain. The sword's only main power is that it cannot be severed except by incredibly strong strikes. He simply uses it to throw, retrieve, and strike with it.

shikai summoning chant: Soukotsu, Kusari Zukaigotsu (Haunt, Chained Skeleton)

bankai description
(again, not this rank but just putting it in for future reference)
The bankai changes the shape of the sword entirely. it becomes a guantlet, with a clawed glove, the gauntlet holds a long chain with a small blade on the end that can stick partly out as well to use as a short sword. the idea is that the chain fires off in a direction, as other chains start sprouting from it, constantly splitting new chains from the original, all with the short blade on the end, which move to the way nemokai chooses, ensaring the enemy or simply striking from all sides.

bankai name: Akuma kansei kusari Zukaigotsu! (Devil Trap Chain Skeleton)
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PostSubject: Re: Kusari Zukaigotsu   Wed Dec 16, 2009 7:33 pm

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Kusari Zukaigotsu
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