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 Kitaro sakamoto

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PostSubject: Kitaro sakamoto   Tue Dec 08, 2009 1:55 pm

Name: Kitaro Sakamoto
Gender: Male
Age before death: 25
Age: 250
Race: Shinigami

Weaknesses and Resistances
kitaro is weak agaisnt kido and strong against phyical attacks

Powers Kitaro has the ability to use several abilities. Kitaros is highly advanced at shunpo and can keep up with even captain kuchiki. Kitaro is also a skilled swordsmen giving him the advantages in most fights.

Extremely cocky and snide, Kitaro takes his pride seriously, never backing down from a challenge and always approaching it with malicious intent. Often seen as cold, uncaring, in reality Kitaro keeps a soft spot deep down for those he cares for. Kitaro has a strong demeanor and is serious almost all the time. He takes his role as captain seriously and punishes anyone who shows him disrespect. He commands respect and isnt afraid to stab people in the back to achieve what he wants.As a Captain of the Shinigami, Kitaro believes in order. Those who break the rules should be punished according to the standards set down by superiors, even if the crime committed was a small one. He always emits a cool persona, serene and calm at all times, rarely letting his other emotions show. He thinks on the same wavelength as Kuchiki, Byakuya, the Captain of Squad 6. This might be due to the fact that he once served in Byakuya's squad and saw him as an idol. It is because of these similarities in his strict nature that Kitaro is often referred to by "The Drill Sergeant".

Kitaro is actually quite a handsome man. His face is well defined, always calm and serene. However, he rarely smiles, which drive away more women then it attracts. His hair is the texture of silk, long and fine, and silver in color, going all the way down his back. Normally, for the sake of composure, Kitaro's hair is tied back in a high riding ponytail. There are times that he allows it to flow freely, like when he is off duty in the Sereitei or when he activates his Bankai.

When Kitaro arrived at Soul Society, he wound up in the Rukon district. Things immediately got hard for him. He had no place to live, no food to eat, no way to support himself. He was an orphan. He had to fight to survive, stealing food from town vendors and beating off wild dogs and older bums who tried to steal his food. Alone, bitter and angry at these continued hardships in both life and death, Kitaro began picking fights with many of the locals over small matters, sometimes even for no reason at all. Normally, he would win, to, at the cost of sometimes severe injuries.

This went on for a couple of years until, one day, fate smiled upon him. While wandering the streets of the district, hungry and bitter, he bumped into someone. He jumped back defensively, ready to fbeat the living daylights out of the unfortunate soul, when he recognized the face. This man was a Shinigami, the same one who had rescued him from becoming a tormented, tortured soul, the one person other then his mother to show him kindness. The Shinigami immediately sensed the strong spiritual pressure that dwelled within Mishima, and took him in. Shortly thereafter, Kitaro was enrolled in the Shinigami Academy.

The easily riled orphan soon learned that just because he had managed to get into the academy did not mean his life was about to get easier. The majority of his fellow classmates came from more privileged backgrounds and families, and often ridiculed and provoked Kitaro because of his own background. They tried to pick fights with him, often shoving or tripping him in the hallway. However, even if Kitaro was easily angered, he was also smart. He knew that with almost no references or backing, he would be thrown out of the academy and back onto the streets. He learned to curb his temper, soon developing the serene, calm expression he has come to be famous for. With this attitude, he was able to focus on his studies more intently, and quickly climbed to the top of his class.

A lower classed individual climbing through the class was unacceptable to these people. Therefore, they conspired to deal with Kitaro once and for all, utterly humiliating him. The opportunity came when it was time for sparring matches. Without warning, the students attacked Kitaro all at once, instead of one on one. However, the surprise came to THEM when Kitaro beat down each and every one of them with fluid efficiency. It just so happened that when this event went down, Byakuya Kuchiki, Captain of Squad 6, had been at the Academy to scout for possible squad members and witnessed the event. He lightly praised the prowess of Kitaro's swordsmanship and left, leaving a stunned group of students and a gratified Kitaro.

Shortly thereafter, Kitaro graduated from the Academy with honors, and requested to be assigned to Squad 6, where he quickly made 4th Seat. He saw Byakuya as his idol, hoping to become the type of man that he was one day. He trained relentlessly to better himself, volunteering for dangerous missions constantly and often meditating to attain spiritual contact with his Inner Sword Spirit. After several years, his work finally payed off, and he achieved the highest power a Shinigami could ever hope to achieve: the power of Bankai. He did not reveal this discovery, however, and kept it a close secret until he felt it was necessary to reveal it.

He did not have to wait long. After the betrayal of Aizen, Gin, and Tosen, the Gotei 13 was now incomplete, and needed new Captains to fill their spots. Kitaro almost immediately applied for Captain of Squad 5, and was shortly accepted into that position. Today, he holds this rank strongly and proudly, enforcing the rules and laws of Soul Society, while at the same time vying to improve himself in order to help combat the Arrancar threat.
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PostSubject: Re: Kitaro sakamoto   Tue Dec 08, 2009 2:18 pm

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Kitaro sakamoto
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