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 Akaikouhi(Red Queen)

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Lucario Kuchiki


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PostSubject: Akaikouhi(Red Queen)   Sun Nov 08, 2009 11:13 pm

name:Akaikouhi(Red Queen)


sealed state description:

shikai description:
No state just an ability

shikai summoning chant:
Shikai is activated by the command of "Solidify".Jin can direct his slashes at the ground and form a crimson crystal wave which rushes over opponents overwhelming them and entrapping them in crystal.

Crystal Wall-This ability creates an curved wall around Jin and provides defense against attacks.

Decompose,Akaikouhi-Jin can fire off several crimson colored energy blast,this attack itself can be compared in strength to a cero.He has also been seen being able to fire the attack off as one giant blast.

Liquify,Akaikouhi-After saying this Jin will fire off burst of red water from beneath the ground.
bankai description
After uttering “Bankai”,Jin will gain a blood colored transparent kimono,2 blood colored transparent wings,and a red crown as an aesthetic effect.This bankai is the combination of all Jin's shikai attacks.Using his mind,he can control blood colored water,solidified blood colored crystal,as well as his energy blast.With the movement of his hands the ferocity of these attacks increases by 5 fold.Jin is seen using his bankai in masses in order to obliterate his opponents on the spot.Attacks that Jin uses can stack ontop of each other in this form to further increase attack power while others will hinder each other.His defense is covering himself in a solid wall of crystal.Lastly in bankai,Jin's physical strength increases greatly beyond any other normal shinigami,although this is probably in exchange for losing when he goes into bankai.

bankai name:
Bankai!:Tenrai Akaikouhi(Divine Red Queen)
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PostSubject: Re: Akaikouhi(Red Queen)   Sun Nov 08, 2009 11:15 pm

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Akaikouhi(Red Queen)
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