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 Shikai Training

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Tenshi Ryōdoji
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PostSubject: Shikai Training   Sat Nov 07, 2009 3:34 am

This place is familiar Tenshi thinks, trying to remember where he knew this tiny human park from. Oh yeah... This is where that Mod Soul came when he was chased out of the soul society. That's certainly appropriate... Tenshi pulls his zanpaktou out almost subconsciously, his eyes tracing over the surface of the blade. "What is your name zanpaktou? I still can't remember it, you saved me - the least I could do is remember your name."

Slashing the zanpaktou through the air in a subconsciously remembered move, Tenshi quickly goes into a series of forms, practicing with his zanpaktou and straining his memory. I will remember... His reiatsu risies dramatically, once again getting closer to what it had been before he had been lost from the soul society. The sword starts to glow, the bright light that illuminates the area spreading across its length.


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Shikai Training
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