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 Old Memories

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Tenshi Ryōdoji
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PostSubject: Old Memories   Sat Nov 07, 2009 3:16 am

Tenshi found himself wandering in the empty streets of Karakura town laste at night. The events of the past few weeks had been truly hectic. Since his return to the soul society some time ago his memories had slowly been coming back, now he remembered nearly everything. "I'm still so weak though... I must train. I still don't remember my zanpaktou's name..." shaking these thoughts from his head, he continued along the darkened street.

He held his ring in his hand, staring at the tiny runes that decorated it. This... I didn't know what it meant before. I remember that much... but now. I remember something... Suddenly he was hit by a wave of memories, and his face froze in shock. No. The meaning of his ring came rushing back. As he had always thought, it was a clan ring, though now he knew why nobody had ever recognised it. He read the tiny word that now made sense to him. Ryōdoji The exiled clan, the dark ones. How could that make sense? He was the wielder of one of the most powerful light zanpaktou's in the soul society. Yet the runes stood there blaring at him. Everything made sense.

He could not return to the soul society now. If anybody found out... He'd be killed. It was pure luck that he had survived as long as he had in the first place. His voice confused and low he muttered something. "Tenshi. Tenshi Ryōdoji," Tenshi shudders slightly. He must make a new beginning.

OOC: I just watched the Bleach Movie, and WOW. The whole exile clan thing fits Tenshi's background so perfectly. I had to do it...


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Old Memories
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