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 Tenshi (Squad 6 NOT Captain :/)

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Tenshi Ryōdoji
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PostSubject: Tenshi (Squad 6 NOT Captain :/)   Fri Oct 02, 2009 11:34 pm


Name: Tenshi
Alias: "Angel"
Age Of Death: Died at 5 years of age.
Age Of Appearance: Appears to be between the ages of 15 and 17.
Real Age: Tenshi is 180 years old.
Gender: Male.
Current Residence: 6th squad Barracks.

Squad Number: 6th squad.
Weapons: Tenshi is armed with his Zanpaktou ("Kashoku")
Tenshi is a very naive and innocent person, nearly always choosing to see the best in people, this is mostly the result of his lack of experience and his young age. Despite this innocence, he has a very strong sense of what is right and wrong, and will always stand up for his own beliefs. Often contemplating the greater meaning of things, he is seen as a bit of a dreamer by his comrades and fellow shinigami. He also has an incredibly active mind, and frequently comes up with strange and interesting ideas about many different things.

Although he sees the necessity of it, Tenshi has a great dislike for fighting or violence of any sort - especially amongst the shinigami. He will only fight if there is no alternative in a situation, and will always try to negotiate his way out of any confrontation he finds himself in. Outwardly he appears to be a very innocent and thoughtful youth, full to the brim with odd ideas and aspirations. He places great stock on honour, and in doing the right thing in any given situation - regardless of the personal cost.

Physical Appearance:
Tenshi appears to be little more than a child, his slight build and innocent face making him seem younger than he really is. Tenshi is of an average height and is very slim for a shinigami, with prominent features and lithe muscles. He has medium length auburn blonde hair that reaches a little bit past his chin, and a fringe that is always getting in his eyes. His eyes are a very light shade of blue, and have a wide eyed sort of innocence about them that pierces right through to the heart. He generally wears a very thoughtful expression, and is often caught day dreaming when he should be doing something else.

Before he became a shinigami Tenshi generally wore very plain clothing in various light clours, mostly whites and blues. Now he wears the plain black kimono of a soul reaper, the robes indicating his position as one of their number. In addition to the regular uniform Tenshi also wears a necklace bearing a twin feather design that he was given by his best friend and a small silver signet ring with his family crest on it. Shinigami robes tend to look to big on him because of his small build, and emphasises how thin he really is.

Height: 172 cm (5' 10" ?)
Weight: 58 kg

Tenshi was still a small child when his human life ened and as such he remembers very little of it other than the big smiling face of his mother. His father died before he was born, so he has no recollection of him at all - though photos he saw showed that he was a grim and forboding man. Although all he knew was his mother his life was very happy and his vague memories of life are happy ones. Although he knows he must have died, Tenshi cannot remember the actual event itself, all he can remember is waking up in the soul society.

His first years in the Rukongai were very difficult as he was still very young when he died and was unable to look after himself. However after a few years he was adopted into a rich family ifrom the 12th district, which gave him both a home and a goal. He knew from the first time that he saw one that he wanted to become one of the shinigami, the protectors of the soul society. However it was not until some time later that his great spiritual power was noticed, and he was taken into the academy to become a soul reaper.

Placed in the advanced class straight away, Tenshi showed great skill in the art of Kidou, learning many techniques and spending countless hours practicing. When the time came to practice with the zanpaktou however, Tenshi was very reluctant to participate in the sparring classes. However when another student called him a coward for his reluctance to fight, Tenshi accepted the challenge to a duel and deafeated his opponent in a matter of seconds. From then on, despite his distaste for it Tenshi soon became skilled in the use of the zanpaktou.

In his third year at the academy Tenshi achieved Shikai for the first time with his zanpaktou, Kashoku. During a training exercise in the human world, the group was attacked by a hollow and one of his fellow classmates was killed. Filled with pure rage, Tenshi called on his zanpaktou, releasing its shikai form of a double bladed katana. With Kashoku in his hands, Tenshi made short work of the hollow - cutting it down and saving the rest of his friends from the enemy. Following this Tenshi soon became a legend at the academy, with his powerful Kidou and skill with the zanpaktou few could rival him and he graduated the academy with flying colours.

(OOC: Soren? I'd kinda like to get back into this RP, but I also would kind of like my rank/character back o.O Pretty please?

Tenshi. (Ex Moderator? I feel unloved... oh well, I kind of have been gone for ages).


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PostSubject: Re: Tenshi (Squad 6 NOT Captain :/)   Fri Oct 02, 2009 11:59 pm

Think more basis shinigami but I suppose I can let this slide...approved...

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Tenshi (Squad 6 NOT Captain :/)
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