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 Shinigami , Hachiihime Kinomoto

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PostSubject: Shinigami , Hachiihime Kinomoto   Fri Sep 04, 2009 4:41 am

Name: Hachiihime Kinomoto
Age: 114 looks 16
Gender: Male
Race: Shinigami ( Hopeful Captain and Kido Master )

Weaknesses and Resistances
Main Weakness :
Emotional : His Emotions Get The Best Of Him in situations making his ability attacks erratic but making it stronger when he is
emotionally fighting as well .
Skilled Kendo Knowledge : Hachiihime was properly trained in kendo , and etiquette making his swordsmanship very precise
Kido Affinity and Master: He excels Especially in Kido , being able to perform high level kido and being able to control reishi around him exceedingly well make him extremely dangerous in Kido .

Kido Strings: His Special Power Is to Line The Air With Reishi and Create Strings that, can be able to control objects, nerves, and muscles. He Can control the slightest reaction with a flick of a finger giving him a deadly advantage .
Hachigyou Sougai : A Special Type of Kido that lets me Create Force Fields and teleport things .
Yamato No Maihime : Hachi Releases his True form , being able to fight at 100% , he becomes more woman like , his hair grows , and his clothes become like his performance clothes , layered Kimono

Hachi is very Nice, And Very Feminine, Many People think he is a girl when they first meet him because of his body shape , hair and face . Hachi is often just regarded as a girl by his friends because of the way he acts and his appearance. He Can Be Serious at points where he wishes too , but he enjoys mostly playing around with people who does not know he is a girl , he also enjoys to fight the sheer thrill of blades clashing together make his blood pump .

Hair: Blonde
Skin: White , slightly crŤme
Eyes: Pink and Maroon
Clothing: White kneehighs socks and Shoes, with a black flanneltop with Blue Lining with really short white shorts /
Accessories: NONE

Past Life : Hachiís family Tradition was too raise all males into females , so they can dance in the Geisha Academy , Where only people of high regards Study . Hachi was different his Appearance was that of a Womanís but his movements were more graceful then the other women , So Hachiís Parentís Felt greatly Honored that their son could dance with the top students , where male dancers only dream to . Until one day , Hachi was getting dressed for the dress rehearsal he noticed that his dress wasnít as full as the other girlís dresses . So He decided to try and fill it with rolls of paper and there it was, he fully looked like a girl. As the Performance Began Hachiís Grace Captivated the Entire Room , until another dancer stepped on his sash and unraveled his dress as the rolls of paper fell , people saw that he didnít have what real women have, and laughed at him . His Sorrow Began to drown him , he fixed the sash of his dress and ran off the stage . His Family Disgraced, they were banned from allowing any of their sons to attend the school . As Hachi made it to his Room , he Ripped of his Dress and began to Cut off his Hair and as his hair fell to the ground , he ran into his older brotherís room and rummaged through his brothers clothes and put on anything he could fit , as he did so he began to run of into the streets after getting hit by a car he stumbled across in the side of the lake their he lie Motionless , his eyes filled with Sorrow and Grief .

Afterlife : As He Made It To The Soul Society He was immediately put into a High class Family where he learned Kendo , as his family saw his Talent they sent him to The Academy . As The Academy Reviewed His Stats , He was Immediately Moved To Graduate classes there he , Graduated Top of his Class , In Kido Incantation , Form , and Release . As His New Life is a Start he hopes to Start Fresh and Become Great Through this Life , And Accept Others Who are Ö Different .

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PostSubject: Re: Shinigami , Hachiihime Kinomoto   Fri Sep 04, 2009 4:45 am

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Shinigami , Hachiihime Kinomoto
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