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 Shinigami, Violet Breen

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PostSubject: Shinigami, Violet Breen   Wed Aug 26, 2009 7:20 am

(OOC:**I got lazy and just c+p most of this from the other sight. So sorry for anyone who's already read this)

Name: Violet Breen
Age: appears 16-17
Gender: Female
Race: Shinigami

Weaknesses and Resistances Unfortunately, Violet has more flaws than she does strengths – and many of these flaws, if given her attention would be capable of being reversed. However, one of her flaws is the inability to listen to judgement and others opinions – she is aloof, conceited and very bitter. She has an odd, morbid sense of humour, which usually ensues at other expense. Violet dislikes people – despite the fact that she shows potential leader qualities; she has no desire whatsoever to help – let alone lead – others.
With a sneer and a narrowing of eyes, she is an unpleasant person, and she finds it very hard to trust people, often seeking merely to manipulate and influence instead of befriend. As a result, Violet does not have many friends

Powers Physically, lithe and nimble, she relies purely on her speed and her surpirsing strength at kidou and anything that requires a concentration of her remarkably high reiatsu. She is skilled and perceveering, and once she makes a friend, it is friends-forever, as her loyalty is unrivalled.

Personality Violet is constantly seen as having an aura of superiority or nobility around her - despite her small stature, her soft, yet demanding and opinionated view is always a difficult to ignore for long.
A pocket sized bundle of laughs most of the time, she has rather fast observation skills - keeping everything in her head until it may come in handy. Violet is a strong-willed individual who is very stubborn and extremely opinionated – all three of which could be taken, considering the situation as both a pro and a con. Aside from these three main traits,Violet has a very sharp mind and creative flair. She sees things in new light, and opens new ideas – when musing or in reverie, Violet has the habit of putting her long finger on her bottom lip and tilting her head to one side like an owl. Despite her flaws, when Violet gains the trust of someone – which is very difficult indeed – she is a fierce and loyal friend, though not fun to be around, she would be more than willing to lay her life down for someone else or what she believed is important. She has strong values and beliefs, and she would never do something she did not personally believe was right.

Appearence She has a slight slouch – never reaching her full height though if measured at full height she reaches 5 foot 2 inches.
Violet is short for her age, measuring four foot ten inches, and this fact is only accentuated by the slouch she seems to constantly carry on her shoulders. Her eyes are downcast, her thin mouth curved into a snide sneer – as she mocks those around her for various acts of idiocy. A shaggy head of raven-black, silky hair falls in her face, the tips of her unkempt hair reaching a centimetre or so above her small, diminutive shoulders. Acacia’s eyebrows are long, and seem to be forever furrowed, creasing in the middle slightly.

She has pale skin, so pale people who see her wonder if she has ever seen the light outside before. It is in stark contrast with her thick, black hair, which makes her look constantly ill, suffering from a fever perhaps? Her nose is thin, like all of her face – her cheeks hollowed out in a weariness that should not have been there at her age. Violet holds two large, icy blue eyes that are always narrowing or half-lidded, rimmed with thick black lashes, she could be considered beautiful… but for her glower and her slight subtleties in appearance that differ from that of a human. Beneath her hair, her ears are pointed ever so slightly – not so much as even a half elf - but more so than usual, enough to comment on.

Violet has longer limbs than normal – but it is not immediately noticeable. Her fingers stretch longer than her palms do. Over all, Violet is willowy and very thin, her body is lithe and nimble – quick and always on her toes, ready for an attempted attack, or perhaps ready to dance. She has a dancers build, yet her demeanour, her posture and her expression suggest that she will never feel it necessary to lower herself by such a display of emotions.

History After living in the rukon distict for an unmeasured amount of time, her patience wore thin and she decided to make somthing of herself - striving to get into the shinigami academy after a rather boring second life as an artist come poet, she resorted to a life of crime - killing more than five people by the time she realised the wrongs she was commiting. Violet was quickly accepted due to her inate ability to use her reiatsu, and perform minor kidou even without training. Despite being placed in the advanced class, she did not trive - keeping mostly to herself, she made no friends and with an almost daily mockery of her weakness at zanpakto she was very glad when they finally graduated.
Becoming a soul reaper, she does not really know why she decided this path, but puts aside old resentments, wanting a fresh slate and to make up for her sins.
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PostSubject: Re: Shinigami, Violet Breen   Wed Aug 26, 2009 10:31 am

approved albino cherry

I saw that day, lost my mind lord, I'm fine maybe in time you'll want to be mine maybe in time you'll want to be mine maybe in time you'll want to be mine
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Shinigami, Violet Breen
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