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 [Aetas Host]Kankaku Yarishinrin

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PostSubject: [Aetas Host]Kankaku Yarishinrin   Mon Aug 24, 2009 12:49 pm

Name: Yarishinrin, Kankaku
Age: Approx. 25 in human age appearance.
Gender: Male
Race: Aetas

Weaknesses and Resistances
He has great reiatsu control and physical strength is moderate, but he is arrogant and often judges his opponents unworthy before the battle starts, which leads to underestimation.

Sight of Truth: When in effect he can see up to 5 times farther then the normal sight range of a shinigami. Instead of seeing things in color it is basically tones of white and black (example a person would be a silhouette). He can chose exactly what range this special sight can cover and often he even uses it to fight, at normal visions length, for seeing the opponents as a silhouette helps him predict their movements.

He is usually easy going and calm. Though he is overconfident in his strength he often over-analyzes things. He is generally nice, though he is blinded by the power of the Aetas. He rarely shows much emotion and usually has that part bored, part serious look.

He has moderately long messy black hair. His skin is pale caucasian white, and his eyes are often grim looking and as black as his hair. He wears a pure black robe.

As a human in the passed life he was nobody. He had a normal family, a normal job, a normal life. There was not much to set him aside from anyone else. He dreamed of something more yet did not know how to obtain. The day he died, a bus was rushing towards him at high speed, unable to brake in time. He looked at it, at first surprised, but then his gaze softened to its average half-open lazy stare and took the bus head on. If he had of made any attempt to escape it might have saved his life, but the direct hit made it positive that nothing could be done.

He then learned that after death it was not over... a second chance? He then realized that what he needed was a reason to help people. Fight for what was right. He wanted to make a difference in the world by making others feel safer. He wanted to become a shinigami.

The academy did not take him... They said something about him being "unprepared" "not ready". He tried to prove otherwise, but the answer was no. "Not today.." They said. Upset, angry, he left to his home in the 43rd rukon district. He was middle class. Once again, he was nothing but normal.

In this time of weakness, 'they' made their approach. "You are looking in the wrong place. Id you want to help the world, the shinigami are not the way to go... we can give you the power to do what is right." Was what they told him. They did not explain much, but he did not care. He wanted to make a difference for the good of the world so badly that it blinded his sense. He asked no questions. Sought no knowledge. By that mistake, his conversion had begone and he was not a host to the being known as the Aetas. Next thing he knew he awoke in hueco mundo...

There can be no better way of knowing
In a world beyond controlling
Are you going to deny the savior
In front of your eyes?
Stare into the night
Power beyond containing
Are you going to remain a slave for
The rest of your life?
Give into the night
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PostSubject: Re: [Aetas Host]Kankaku Yarishinrin   Mon Aug 24, 2009 6:20 pm

Approved..really did I need to do that?

I saw that day, lost my mind lord, I'm fine maybe in time you'll want to be mine maybe in time you'll want to be mine maybe in time you'll want to be mine
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[Aetas Host]Kankaku Yarishinrin
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