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 Karel Trivalia

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PostSubject: Karel Trivalia   Thu Aug 20, 2009 8:05 am

Race: Shinigami

Weaknesses and Resistances
Short Fight-Due to a cancer like disease she is prone to coughing blood and can only fight for so long before having to escape, can only fight about 30 posts at the moment, this amount increases by 15 per rank
Disease Resistance-While the disease kills her no other poison or disease can touch her due to the efects of the disease

Zanpakto materialization-This is an effect where the spirit of the zanpakto can materialize into the real world at will
One time-When she sees something from a old legend she can immediately be able to paint it with her brush, same for anything else she sees.
Web of Reality-This is an effect that stops her or anyone else within 50 ft of her from warping teleporting opening hueco mundo or ect unless she willingly allows for it

Karel is very gentle and tries to do everything she can to help, but she does have a bit of a mood and is very strict on regulations due to her family.She tends to slack a bit when she doesn't have to do something but when a command is issued or if she has started a task she intends on finishing unless something manages to sway her steely resolve, she seems to be very careful about things and has a slight sense of paranoia

Karel is about 4"10" short for her age and weighs about 120lb.She has long black hair with silver streaks in it and she is normally wearing her pendant and she always has her sword at her side.She is very gentle and tries not to get in the way of people, she seems to have a strange passion for justice from time to time.

Karel lived a very fortunate life when alive, she had friends family and a wonderful life altogether.But one day when she was walking home she was hit by a rouge bullet from a robbery.When she died she became adopted by a family in the Seireitei due to her oddly large amount of reitsu.She entered an academy several years ago but she most often tries not to reveal her past, she seems to have an odd power to control other zanpakto when she has them.She is a rouge shinigami as she is looking for a Vaizard to train her

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PostSubject: Re: Karel Trivalia   Thu Aug 20, 2009 12:16 pm

Well You know what there are some flaws by the new protocol but I guess they are small enough to let pass.

I approve for now.

There can be no better way of knowing
In a world beyond controlling
Are you going to deny the savior
In front of your eyes?
Stare into the night
Power beyond containing
Are you going to remain a slave for
The rest of your life?
Give into the night
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Karel Trivalia
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