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 Aetas Medium Creation

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PostSubject: Aetas Medium Creation   Sat Aug 15, 2009 12:29 pm

Name: Optional. If your character has given the object a name please state it here.

Element: Choose an element. You can only have ONE element due to the limitation of the Aetas' belief.

Object: What is the object used as a medium? It is usually an object that was important to him before his transformation or something of the sort.

Spirit Transformation
At a certain stage of the characters transformation into the being known as the aetas, he gets the ability to shape himself fully into the deadly spirit within. As this happens the Medium fuses into the core of his spirit, and then his spirit infuses into a new shell created of spirit particles. This shell takes the form of a creature that fits the personality and/or element of the character and strengthens the characters overall elemental power.

Describe the creature and its in detail. Must be a Spiritually Evolved Aetas host to use this.

Full Tranformation
The aetas have a Spirit form, as you probably already know. This spirit entity is generally very large. When an Aetas host reaches its final stage, complete evolution of their spirit (At the Complete Aetas Evolution rank), the humanoid form and their free will is pretty much completely eaten away making the host no more and allowing a part of the main Aetas soul to slip into this dimension. At this point the hosts body becomes a permanent spirit shell, though is generally smaller and more humanoid, yet a lot more powerful in mastery of their element. Example: If your spirit transformation was some sort of giant frog like creature, then your completely evolved state would be a humanoid half frog of the sort. In completely evolved state the user can still become his spirit transformation and much bigger. This will raise its power even more as long as it has the strength to stay in that form.

Describe your characters humanoid full transformation form. Must be a Complete Aetas Evolution ranked host to subject this form to use.

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Aetas Medium Creation
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