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 Quincy Spirit Bow Creation

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PostSubject: Quincy Spirit Bow Creation   Sat Aug 15, 2009 12:03 pm

Weapon name: Optional. You can name your Bow.

Reiatsu Color: Optional. At average spirit bow reiatsu particles appear as a blue aura, but you may chose to have a different reiatsu color to fit your personality.

Spirit particle origin point: The origin point of the bows spirit particle structure. You have the choice between a "Quincy Cross" or a "Quincy Pentacle" (Quincy Star).

Second Stage
Though the structure of the general Quincy bow starts off the same, it is known that there can be another stage that changes not only the overall look of the bow but its power. Please describe your second stage and its effect on the bows original power. You must be a "superior Quincy" or higher to use the second stage.

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Quincy Spirit Bow Creation
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